Sunday, September 19, 2010

Surprisingly Awesome: Easy A

So Easy A isn't a brilliant movie. It has flaws, sure. A good amount of jokes fall flat, it's not as biting as it could be, riddled with cliches, and annoyingly points out the cliches as they happen as if that makes it ok. However, this was one of my more enjoyable experiences at the cinema this year. The script did have some great zingers and actually made a weird plot kind of work. The tone was breezy but serious enough, but not overly serious, when handling the more delicate issues. The jokes weren't yet another onslaught of dick jokes. The supporting cast was great, especially Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci as the parents.
And then there's Emma Stone. I'd seen her before in Superbad and Zombieland and really liked her in both, but here she proves she is more than capable of carrying a film. She also proves it doesn't take a guy to carry a teen sex comedy. She is also, coincidentally, ridiculously attractive. I kind of fell in love with her. This hasn't happened this bad since I fell in love with Linda Cardellini's character Lindsay Weir on Freaks & Geeks. Also, she is really talented. Double threat. Awesome.

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